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Clubs and Centre Activities

We have something for everyone!

Activities in the Centre

In addition to the Cosmos-run clubs, there is a wide range of activities run by other groups which take place at the Cosmos Centre. These change from time to time but include: English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), Homestart NE Fife Family Group, Karate Schools,  Lace Making, Parents & Toddlers, Scorpions Roller Hockey and Spiritual Enlightenment.

How to get in touch with us.

To find out more about the Clubs and Activities see details below.


Adult Group Who Require Additional Support

Contact Viki Blair  Tel: 01334 479974


Adult Hockey (St Andrews University

Awaiting information


After School & Holiday Club



Awaiting information


Childrens Sewing Class

Sewing Club is a relaxed, creative and fun place where girls and boys aged 8+ can learn basic hand and machine sewing skills. Classes are currently held on Tuesday afternoons at 4-5pm for 8 - 11 yrs (£5 per class) and 5-6.30pm for age 11 + yrs (£7 per class.) Everything is provided from fabrics, threads, beads, ribbons and sewing machines to chocolate biscuits! 

For further information, to check if spaces are available and to arrange to try a class for FREE, please contact Karen at karenjhaggis@gmail.com (07871198562)



Students of English for Speakers of Other Languages come from many parts of the world who are keen to learn English for living and working, for Citizenship tests or to remain for studying and integrating into the local community. Contact Fife Council Offices, St Mary's Place, St Andrews, 01334 659363.

Football (St Andrews University)

Awaiting information


Healing Group

Awaiting information



Please Telephone  01334 477548


Job Club Fife College@Cosmos

The Job Club meet on Thursdays 1.30pm - 3.30pm. Individuals use resources to get online, search for jobs, access IT and email, get help with online applications and create CV's. Staffed by Opportunities Fife, with support fro Voluteering Fife and Adult Basic Education. Contact Elizabeth Bell-Scott on 07507668234, elizabeth.bell-scott@fife.gov.uk.

Kumon St Andrews


St Andrews private maths & English tutor for extra lessons.

Local tutor, Christine Proudfoot, offers children additional support
in English and maths from the Kumon learning centre in St Andrews.



Your local Kumon St Andrews Study Centre offers individualised maths and English study programmes, tailored to all ages and abilities. Established for over 50 years, the Kumon programmes enable children to develop their study skills and confidently tackle advanced work.
The Kumon English Programme, progressing from basic word and sentence building, culminates in critiquing advanced texts. Through daily study of this programme, students develop a wide range of reading comprehension skills, ultimately enabling them to become proficient readers and interpret information in advanced literature.
The Kumon Maths Programme leads students from basic numbers to the mastery of arithmetic, algebra and calculus, all without the use of a calculator. Through daily study of this worksheet-based programme, students develop an affinity for mental maths and the confidence to apply a range of skills when faced with a new challenge.
Classes run on Tuesdays / Thursdays 15.30 -17.30 and Saturdays 9.15 - 11.15.

For further information or to arrange enrolment, contact Chris on 0131 618 2315  Mobile: 07411452352 or standrews@kumoncentre.co.uk 



There are 2 Clubs which meet in the Centre and train in different styles of karate.

The Karate Union of Scotland is a martial arts association based on the traditional form of karate - Shotokan. The two instructors are Sensei Paul Dempsey, a Japanese Karate Association (JKA) 7th Dan and Chief Instructor and grading examiner for Karate Union of Scotland-North and Alex Culross 4th Dan. Training sessions are held every Wednesday at the following times: 

Adults   6.30pm - 7.30pm
For further information please contact Alec Culross on 01382 860596


The Shukokai Karate Academy Scotland is affiliated to the Scottish Karate Governing Body and a member of the World Karate Federation.
This activity will improve your child's self confidence discipline, physical and mental development and help build a strong body and confident and determined character. Our instructors coach, teach and train individuals at their own pace, whether they are a beginner or learning to instruct at a black belt level.

We offer classes in the following structure. Children 4yrs to 8yrs ; 8yrs to 12yrs ; Youth 12yrs to 16yrs ; Adults 16yrs and above. Specific needs "Disability" classes also available. Training sessions are held every Friday at 6.15pm - 7.15pm.

For futher information please contact Stuart Maxwell on 01592 650862 (after 8pm) or E-mail stuartmaxwell04@btinternet.com Web: www.shukokaikarateclassesinfife.co.uk


Lace Making

The bobbin lace group meet every Wednesday during school term times from 7.00pm - 9.00pm.
We have lace makers from beginners to very experienced and would welcome anyone who would like to join or visit us.

We can provide materials and tutition for beginners and a warm friendship for any lace makers.

Please contact Jennifer McWilliam on 01337 828512


Parent and Toddlers

Awaiting information


Redeemed Christian Church of God

Awaiting information


Scorpions Roller Hockey

Awaiting information


Slimming World

Slimming World meets on a Saturday morning at 9.30am. If you require futher information please telephone Lee Ann on 07477885816 or just pop in.


Soccer AM

Awaiting information

Working with Young People

The Centre offers a significant level of support to work with young people, helped by financial contributions from the Provost Tulloch Fund. There is also a Special Needs Club that runs on a Thursday evening and the current age range is from 13 - 19 years.

In addition, Cosmos Centre also provides a base for Detached Youth Workers - these workers support a range of initiatives for young people including summer programmes, skate park developments and links with Madras College. Cosmos Centre also offers support and resources to the Youth Cafe that meets twice a week at the Victory Memorial Hall.

Fife Council provides Youth Workers to support all these youth projects and therefore they are operated under Fife Council Policy and Guidelines.

Interested in setting up a new group

We are always interested to support new activities. Why not visit the Centre to hear how we can help...

  OSCR Registered - Scottish Charity SC 10828 
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